WiR #6: Demons of the Punjab

Episode 6 November 15, 2018 01:22:17
WiR #6:  Demons of the Punjab
Who in Review
WiR #6: Demons of the Punjab

Show Notes

G, Chloe, Z, Soph & Carolynne talk about their teary moments watching *Demons on the Punjab*, as well as good character writing, how the Doctor's gender has been handled in the season thus far & how the show is writing Team Tardis as witnesses to history. Send your feedback to [email protected]! **Social Media:** * G - @victorylime (Twitter & Instagram) * Chloe - @normalwolfcosplay (Instagram) * Z - @nicksczach (Twitter & Instagram) * Soph - @sofacushionart (Instagram & DeviantArt) For more Nick goodness, check out [Fanthropological](http://www.fanthropological.com)!

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