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Every week while Doctor Who is airing, we'll be covering the new episodes with a rotating cast of 6 who are all passionate about the show. Join G, Chloe, Z, Soph, Evan & Carolynne as they get into the good, the bad, the ugly, the callbacks, the continuity and the ACTING that the show brings each and every week!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. WiR #5: The Tsuranga Conundrum

    G, Chloe, Z, Soph & Carolynne sit down to pick apart the base-under-siege story, *The Tsuranga Conundrum*! They talk about the mysteries of the 'avocado pear', whether the Ptang looks more like Stitch or a gremlin and the problems with its pregnancy storyline. Send your feedback to [email protected]! Social Media: G - @victorylime ...


  2. WiR #4: Arachnids in the UK

    This week, G, Chloe, Z, Evan & Carolynne discuss what they thought of Series 11's return to Sheffield, Arachnids in the UK! They go over conspiracy theories, the effectiveness of THE AMERICAN villain & how the trio of companions are doing with their characterization so far! BONUS! Stay tuned after the ...


  3. WiR #3: Rosa

    G, Chloe, Z & Carolynne sit this week to talk about one of the most serious episodes in the entire Doctor Who canon, Rosa. They chat about the mature handling of the episode's sensitive material, the fast and loose rules of history in Doctor Who & whether we'll ever see ...


  4. WiR #2: The Ghost Monument

    With a crowded TARDIS, G, Chloe, Evan, Soph, Carolynne & Z review ep 2 of series 11, *The Ghost Monument*! We talk about the new TARDIS design & compare and contrast it to previous interiors; the effectiveness of the Remnants as villains; the best & saltiest lines of the episode ...


  5. WiR #1: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

    In our second episode, G, Chloe, Evan & Carolynne gather 'round the microphone to talk about the first episode of the Thirteenth Doctor's run, *The Woman Who Fell To Earth*! They'll talk about the menace or lackthereof of Tim Shaw, the hardest-working Doctor in the universe, the effect of trailers ...