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Every week while Doctor Who is airing, we'll be covering the new episodes with a rotating cast of 6 who are all passionate about the show. Join G, Chloe, Z, Soph, Evan & Carolynne as they get into the good, the bad, the ugly, the callbacks, the continuity and the ACTING that the show brings each and every week!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. WiR #10: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

    G, Chloe, Z & Soph are back to discuss the Series 11 finale! We'll talk about the effectiveness of the main villain's return, what constitutes an arc and watching Chris Chibnall pull the strings! **Social Media**: * G - @victorylime (Twitter & Instagram) * Chloe - @normalwolfcosplay (Instagram) * Z - @nicksczach (Twitter & ...


  2. WiR #9: It Takes You Away

    G, Chloe, Z and Soph are back to discuss the weirdness & campiness of *It Takes You Away*! They'll talk about what did and didn't work in the Anti-Zone, whether Graham's moment was earned or not & the show's new willingness to get outside the box! **Social Media:** * G - @victorylime ...


  3. WiR #8: The Witchfinders

    This week, the Who in Review Crew head to Lancashire for a supersized episode as G, Chloe, Z and Soph talk all about *The Witchfinders*! They'll chat about the historical King James & Alan Cumming's scenery-chewing, the Doctor reckoning with her womanhood, the Dutch angles on display & Graham's great ...


  4. WiR #7: Kerblam!

    G, Chloe & Z (with a special appearance by Soph!) are back to talk about Space Amazon in *Kerblam!* They discuss the sociopolitical climate of Kandoka, the fun of everybody having something to do & the future of Twirly! **Social Media:** * G - @victorylime (Twitter & Instagram) * Chloe - @normalwolfcosplay (Instagram) * ...


  5. WiR #6: Demons of the Punjab

    G, Chloe, Z, Soph & Carolynne talk about their teary moments watching *Demons on the Punjab*, as well as good character writing, how the Doctor's gender has been handled in the season thus far & how the show is writing Team Tardis as witnesses to history. Send your feedback to [email protected]! **Social ...